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Murray Johnson, our Vice President of Client Operations, has been responsible for dealing with occupational health and safety and fire code compliance on behalf of our Boards. Notice of Violations ( NOVs) are declining and as a result we’re seeing  positive feedback from fire officials in all...Read more

As of January 2023, the CSA B44-19 Elevator Safety Code imposes a responsibility on property owners (condo corporations) to conduct and document monthly comprehensive Fire Emergency Operation (FEO) tests on all elevators.

Elevator service firms typically have an annual FEO...Read more

In two recent rulings the CAT determined if a corporation chooses to record the AGM, which is commonly done by firms hosting virtual or hybrid meetings, the recording is a record that the corporation is required to maintain and produce upon appropriate, written request.

These decisions...Read more

Since shortly after the COVID-19 crisis emerged, the Condominium Act was revised to permit condos to hold virtual AGMs and board meetings, and to facilitate electronic voting.   Those emergency provisions are due to expire on September 30.  Although it appears that the province may move to...Read more

The Ontario Energy Board approved dramatically higher rates for Enbridge Gas that were effective July 1st.

Compared to this time last year:

  1. Commodity costs have more than doubled – from 11¢ to 27¢ per cubic meter.
  2. Delivery charges
  3. ...Read more

Starting July 1, 2022, owners, and licensees of elevators in residential buildings and long-term care homes are required to report to TSSA elevator outages lasting more than 48 hours. The reporting needs to be completed within 30 days after the day the elevator has returned to service.

...Read more

In April 2021, the CMRAO selected Humber College as education provider for condominium managers in Ontario. Effective November 1, 2021,...Read more

Since it was launched in 2017, the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) has worked diligently to protect the interests of condo owners. According to the CAO itself,

“The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) is focused on consumer protection and...Read more

The Ontario government recently announced they would provide 21 days of electricity-rate relief starting tomorrow, January 18th, 2022.

Crossbridge’s energy manager explains how this rate relief applies across the different price plans available to...Read more

Ontario’s regulated electricity rates are typically reviewed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) twice per year – May 1st and November 1st.

Although the OEB announced there would be no change to the posted residential electricity prices effective November 1...Read more