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Competitive Bids, Tough Contracts & Transparency

Volume Purchasing Power

Today's economic climate has set a new standard in terms of introducing programs and cost-saving measures that will provide maximum value for the service being received. Crossbridge is committed to using the economies of scale it has developed for the benefit of its clients. These are just a few of the volume discount programs that Crossbridge clients enjoy.

Direct Purchase of Natural Gas

When market conditions are right, Crossbridge will act as your Agent and through it's Broker buy and sell gas at prices that are competitive with other third party agents, and save you their higher administration fees.

Elevator Contract

With the number of elevator cabs in buildings managed by Crossbridge and serviced by several elevator companies across Canada, we have been able to arrange volume discounts from 6% to 10% depending on the service provider chosen by the Board.

All Inclusive Mechanical and Fire Inspection Contracts

Based on Crossbridge's volume of H.V.A.C. and fire inspection contracts, discounts ranging from 2% to 10%, depending on the volume of business, are either taken off the invoices or refunded by cheque from the supplier.

Telephone and Internet Business Lines

All of our buildings are offered a discounted rate on business lines for the management office and other lines such as guest suite phones, enterphone, elevator, etc. from a major telecommunications provider.

Payroll Banking

Crossbridge is on line with a major Payroll Service for all building employees. One contract exists and payroll processing charges are determined by the volume of all of the building employees on the system, not just the number of employees in your building.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Unit Owners can pay their common charges using a Pre-Authorized Payment Program.

Office Supplies

All of our buildings can purchase from our suppliers using our 45% discount even if they only want a box of paper clips.