Management Team

Our reputation as leaders in this industry has allowed Crossbridge to attract some of the most qualified individuals available in the property management industry. Our experience and expertise, together with the networking that occurs within our department, ensures that our boards and property managers have the necessary support to make the right decisions on the multitude of day-to-day issues that must be resolved. The profiles of our senior personnel are shown below.

John M. Oakes, M.A., C.P.M., General Licence, RCM, ACCI, FCCI

John has been involved in the management of condominiums on a full-time basis for the past 37 years and has been President of Crossbridge for the past 14 years. John has been active with several industry groups; he has served as President and Director of ACMO, and Director and member of the Institute of Real Estate Management (Toronto Chapter). He lectured for many years in the two-year Property Management Program at George Brown College, has served on the Property Management Advisory Committee of the College and was Chairman of the Legislative Review Committee that reviewed Bill 81 for ACMO. John has also taught the Condominium Law Course for ACMO for the past 10 years. Over the past several years, John has been instrumental in leading joint Committees with CCI and ACMO to lobby the Ministry of Energy on matters relating to electricity pricing as it relates to condominiums. In 2004, he received the President's Award from ACMO to acknowledge his efforts to educate the Association on energy issues. Most recently, John has met with representatives at the Ministry of Energy on behalf of CCI and ACMO with the goal to ensure that the needs condominiums are represented and understood in the final release of the Regulations associated with Bill 21. He has been an instructor in the CCI Basic Level Directors course for 17 years. In addition, John spent a number of years serving as a Director on the National CCI Board. He received his FCCI in 2006 for his contributions to the Institute and the industry.

Sandro J. Zuliani, B.A., C.P.M., General Licence, RCM
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sandro joined Crossbridge in June of 1987 and has occupied the positions of Property Manager and Regional Property Manager. In September 1999, Sandro was promoted to the role of Senior Vice-President of Operations, providing technical, operational, financial and supervisory support to the Regional Property Managers, Boards, suppliers/contractors and executive staff. In January of 2010, Sandro was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and in April 2012, Sandro was appointed to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer. Sandro oversees all of the day-to-day operations and ensures the delivery of Crossbridge’s management services. In conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for the overall management and growth of the condominium management division, including strategic direction, business development and performance. Additionally, Sandro provides consulting services to Developer clients launching new developments and he is involved in the start up of all new developments. His dedication to team building, employee satisfaction and enhancing customer service relations supports one of Crossbridge’s primary initiatives. Sandro holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Waterloo and is a member in good standing with both the Institute of Real Estate Management (Toronto Chapter) and ACMO. Sandro brings to Crossbridge a strong working knowledge in Condominium Management and he is a regular speaker at ACMO/CCI conferences.

Tracy Gregory, CPA, CMA
Chief Financial Officer

Tracy joined Crossbridge in November 1999 as Vice President of Finance. She brings great deal of accounting and IT experience and industry knowledge to the organization. Prior to joining Crossbridge, Tracy held the position of Controller at Newstar, a software developer of Property Management and Home Building systems. Prior to that Tracy held a number of senior accounting positions in the oil and natural gas industry and the retail sector. Tracy has over 30 years of experience in accounting, finance and systems.

Murray Johnson, General Licence, RCM
Vice-President, Client Service Development

Murray joined Crossbridge in 2008, with over seven years of experience as a Regional Manager in the industry. Murray entered residential property management in 1992 following over 10 years of International Project Management and Facility Management with a large multi-national manufacturing firm. With experience in ISO 9000, Employee Training and Development, and Organizational Development, Murray provides in-house Tarion and Performance Audit consulting to Crossbridge managed Properties, Managers and Directors. His participation on the Tarion Common Element Construction Practice Guidelines committee and input into the current Tarion Performance Audit process has benefited Crossbridge clients and improved condominium support across the province. Building Strategies and Sustainability magazine recognized Murray in 2012 as one of Canada’s top four Sustainability Champions in energy efficiency projects. Murray continues to lead Crossbridge’s energy portfolio to maintain its position as the recognized leader for the development of long-term client energy reduction planning supporting OPA environmental targets. As a Director with CCI and a member of ACMO, Murray continues to be active in supporting condominium communities throughout Ontario.

Karen Mergler, General Licence, RCM
Regional Vice President

Karen joined Crossbridge on November 1, 2002 with Crossbridge's acquisition of Menkes' condominium management division. She has worked in commercial and residential property management since 1983, and has been directly involved in condominium property management since 1989. Karen was promoted to the position of Regional Vice-President at Crossbridge in 2012. As a proponent of proactive management and administration of real estate assets, Karen has a strong interest in maintaining or enhancing building standards, while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. She has an extensive background in all aspects of building operations, including mechanical, plumbing and fire and life safety systems. She is focused on sustainable building management with a view to not only the environmental benefits, but also the positive impact of reduced operating costs as a result of energy retrofits, and is currently working towards her LEED Green Associate designation. Karen is a member of the Canadian Condominium Institute and the Canada Green Building Council. She has attained her Registered Condominium Manager designation and is a professional member in good standing with ACMO.

Stephanie Cox, General Licence, RCM
Regional Vice President

Stephanie joined Crossbridge as part of the acquisition of the condominium portfolio of Abinger Investment Properties Inc. on June 1, 2000. In 1990 Stephanie graduated from Ryerson Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Business Management degree. From there she joined Abinger Investment Properties Inc. managing a mix of Condominiums and Rental Properties. In 1993 she obtained her R.C.M. designation and sat on the Board of Directors of ACMO for three years. In the ten years Stephanie was with Abinger, she helped develop the Condominium portfolio and brought a portfolio of 6 properties to Crossbridge. Stephanie was promoted to the position of Regional Vice-President at Crossbridge in 2012. Stephanie now has over 23 years of experience in the Condominium Management field and is a member in good standing with ACMO.

Hanson Ng, CPA, CMA
Director of Business Applications

Hanson joined Crossbridge in 2003 as Director of Client Reporting. Prior to joining Crossbridge Hanson worked as a consultant implementing real estate information systems. Along with his IT experience, Hanson has over 10 years of property management accounting experience, working in the commercial property management industry. Hanson is a Chartered Professional Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.

Rob Detta Colli, B. Eng, MBA, CEM
Manager, Energy & Sustainability

Rob joined Crossbridge in 2012 as a Manager of Energy and Sustainability as a collaboration between Crossbridge and the Ontario Power Authority. Rob received his engineering and masters of business administration degrees from the University of Western Ontario. Rob has been dedicated to energy management in condominiums for over 8 years, and has experience evaluating and implementing a vast array of projects that conserve electricity, gas and water. In 2012, Rob has worked on Crossbridge projects receiving close to $400,000 in incentives in addition to reducing their electricity costs by over $750,000 each and every year. Rob has previously held the role of Energy Conservation Advisor, a program sponsored by the Canadian Condominium Institute's Toronto Chapter, the Greater Toronto Apartment Association, and the City of Toronto where he specialized in identifying energy conservation and sustainability opportunities for condominiums and rental apartment buildings. The addition of a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) designation in 2011 and a Certification as a Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) in 2012 attests to the depth and practicality of sustainability strategy knowledge he has acquired throughout his career.

Rudy Petershofer, BA, MBA, General Licence, RCM
Director of Compliance Operations

Rudy has been active in property management for over 20 years, including 4 years as the owner of his own property management company, and 9 years as a regional manager at Crossbridge. He serves  as a Director of his own condominium, which helps him maintain his customer-sensitive perspective. Rudy has extensive practical experience in strategic planning and marketing. He has served on two ACMO committees and taught ACMO's law course at Humber College and internally at Crossbridge. Rudy's educational background includes as BA and MBA from the University of Western Ontario.

Laurie Adams, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Laurie joined Crossbridge in 1998 as a property manager, after obtaining her Registered Condominium Manager (R.C.M.) designation.  She has been in the condominium industry for better than 20 years.  Her knowledge and experience in hotel management, co-operative housing, and the interior design industry served to provide the basis for her eventual career in the condominium industry. Laurie accepted the position of Regional Manager in 2006 where she continues to apply her knowledge and expertise to ensure the service of excellence expected continues to be the highest priority. Laurie continues to hold her R.C.M. designation, is an ACMO member in good standing and currently holds a Director position on the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO).

Teresa Arena-Marchelletta, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Teresa has been in the condominium industry since 2004 and joined Crossbridge in June 2006 and has obtained her R.C.M designation in 2008. She brings her Human Recourses background coupled with over 14 years of experience within the Toronto luxury condominium market which has guided her to provide excellent customer service by adding great value to our clients.  Her project roster consists of but not limited to; membrane work, building restoration, demolitions, plumbing / energy retrofits and the latest electric charging stations.  Teresa also teaches the ACMO Administrative and Finance course at head office. She is a member in good standing with ACMO and was promoted to Regional Manager in 2018.

Attila Benyi, B. Eng., General Licence, RCM, RPA, SMA
Regional Manager

Attila joined Crossbridge (former Brookfield) in 2005 as a Condominium Manager.  He brings with him over 25 years of property management experience in residential condominiums.  He has received his degree of mechanical engineering in 1986, and achieved his RCM designation in 2003 and the RPA (BOMI Canada) designation in 2008. Attila has successfully assisted corporations strengthen their financial status through detailed budgeting, strict cost controls and energy saving projects.  Attila is an energetic, positive team player who has demonstrated his ability to motivate staff in order to improve the overall efficiency of condominium communities. With his exceptional interpersonal skills and his superior knowledge of the physical aspects of a building he has coordinated productive communication between the Boards and the various committees.

David Cekani, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

David has worked in the condominium industry for 9 years. He joined Crossbridge in 2007 and since then has been involved in performance audits, reserve fund studies and numerous energy retrofit projects during his assignments in upscale condominium buildings. He is well liked by the Boards of Directors, residents and staff. He holds his R.C.M. designation and is a professional member in good standing with ACMO. David was promoted to Regional Property Manager in 2012.

Katherine Gow, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Katherine has worked managing luxury condominium residences in Toronto since 1999. Under her stewardship, managed communities have been recognized by the Canadian Condominium Institute (Toronto Chapter) and received the largest condominium energy efficiency incentive through the City of Toronto's Better Buildings Partnership (2010). Katherine has been involved in many large refurbishment projects including elevator modernization, underground garage repairs, major mechanical retrofit, redecoration and successful resolution of performance audit issues. She joined Crossbridge in 2002 and earned her Registered Condominium Manager (R.C.M.) designation in 2005. Promoted to Regional Manager in 2013, she is a member in good standing with the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) and is a speaker at ACMO/CCI conferences.

Allyson Ingham, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Allyson joined Crossbridge (formerly Brookfield) in 2004 and brings over 20 years of experience in property management.  Prior to entering the management industry Allyson received a diploma in mechanical drafting and spent six years in the production and manufacturing of design of mechanical equipment.  Allyson holds a General Condominium Managers License and is an ACMO member in good standing.  Allyson currently holds an appointed position on the CMRAO Disciplinary Committee and Appeals Committee.  She brings a strong background in operational excellence to achieve high-quality results consistent with acting in the best interest of clients. 

Dilshad Jiwa, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Dilshad joined Crossbridge in 2002 and obtained her R.C.M. in 2007. She has been involved in managing a diverse portfolio of townhouses and high rise buildings for the past 15 years. Her attention to detail is second to none and has proven to be a definite asset to our clients. Dilshad has been involved in many major projects including boiler replacement, wall rehabilitation, underground garage repairs and energy retrofits. She has volunteered at Habitat for Humanity and is a member in good standing with ACMO. Dilshad was promoted to Regional Property Manager in 2017.

Kyle Kingston, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Kyle takes a balanced approach to life which enables him to enthusiastically engage clients, staff and others when assisting them where they need him to. He's successfully managed over 50 properties of various types and sizes in the Vancouver and Toronto markets as well as throughout Central Ontario. He has received formal property management training at UBC Sauder School of Business, Humber College and Mohawk College where he completed his RCM. When not helping condo boards and owners, Kyle is active on the board of a local environmental stewardship charity as well as on the steering committee of the Habitat for Humanity chapter where he lives.

Glenn Luckasavitch, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Glenn joined Crossbridge in 1999 and was promoted to Regional Manager in 2000. Glenn is a professional member in good standing with A.C.M.O for the past 30 years. Before joining Crossbridge, Glenn had eighteen years experience in Condominium Management. Glenn has had hands on experience with many rehabilitation projects, performance audits, reserve fund studies, fire and life safety and energy management and conservation. Glenn has shared much of this knowledge and experience with others and has contributed to C.M.H.C. s' Better Buildings Case Studies.

Ellen Mahon, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Ellen has been in the condominium industry since 1995 and obtained her Registered Condominium Manager (R.C.M.) designation in 2003. Ellen joined Crossbridge in 2007 as a Senior Property Manager and was promoted to a Regional Manager position in April 2015. Ellen has managed a diverse portfolio over her career and has been involved in many large projects including underground garage repairs, roof replacements, corridor renovations and window replacements. Ellen is an active member of ACMO and currently teaches the Human Resources & Administration course offered on behalf of ACMO in-house through Crossbridge.

Rozita Maleki, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Rozita joined Crossbridge Condominium Services on October 2018 and brings over 12 years’ experience as a property manager and portfolio manager. Her previous experience includes 5 years in the real estate industry. Rozita has successfully managed to completion, major restoration projects including but not limited to underground parking, recreational facilities, balcony replacements, cladding repairs, roof replacement and several energy retrofits. Rozita’s motto in both professional and personal life is “Good Thoughts, Good Deeds, Good Words”. She measures her success in professional life not only by compilation of projects but also recognition from stakeholders evident by letters of appreciation, citations and team awards from board members, owners and management companies throughout her career.  She holds her R.C.M. designation and is a professional member in good standing with ACMO. Rozita was promoted to Regional Property Manager in 2019.

Stan Morris, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Stan Morris joined Crossbridge in June, 2010 as Regional manager. He has extensive experience in the service industry with a high priority on customer care. Stan has spent over 25 years in facilities and residential property management, staff development and holds an R.C.M. Diploma. Stan has managed large condominium sites including those consisting of over 900 units and up to 11 acres in physical size. He has been involved in major restoration projects including chiller replacement, complete driveway restoration, energy retrofits and recreational facilities refurbishment. Stan is active in the industry and is currently a member of the Ontario Regional membership Committee for the Association of Properties Managers of Ontario.

Alana Phelps, B.A., General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Alana Phelps joined Crossbridge in 2005. She holds her B.A. from York University and is a graduate of Humber College. Prior to joining Crossbridge, Alana managed properties for a prominent Toronto developer where she had extensive involvement with new start-ups, performance audits and reserve fund studies. She has over 10 years experience managing and actively implementing strategies to maximize value within a diverse commercial and residential property portfolio. Alana holds her R.C.M designation and is a professional member in good standing with ACMO. Alana was promoted to Regional Property Manager in 2010.

Heather Savory, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Heather entered the Property Management industry in 1986. She worked her way up through the company during her 14-year tenure and held positions such as Senior Manager, Area Manager and Associate. Heather joined Crossbridge as a Regional Property Manager in October 2002 and brings to the company 26 years of extensive management skills in all aspects of Condominium Property Management. She is very much focused on her portfolio of buildings in the east GTA and prides herself in providing support to her team. Heather is a professional member in good standing with ACMO.

Paulo Tavares, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Paulo joined Crossbridge in 2002. He holds a Financial Accounting diploma from Ryerson University and received his R.C.M. designation in 2003 after completing the Condominium Management and Administration program at Humber College. Paulo has over 18 years of property management experience and has skillfully guided condominium communities through several major building renovation and energy retrofit projects. Paulo’s knowledge and understanding of the industry complements his drive and passion to succeed. He is a member in good standing with ACMO and was promoted to Regional Property Manager in 2012.

Bill Tourloukis, B. Comm., CHRL, General Licence, RCM
Regional Manager

Bill joined Crossbridge in 2012 and brings over 25 years of management experience to the condominium sector.  Bill holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University (2005).   He is a member of the Human Resources Professionals Association having achieved the designation Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) in 2006.  Having managed Crossbridge flagship luxury condominiums, he has been involved in many projects including major garage repairs, refurbishment initiatives and energy retrofits.  Bill was a co-recipient of the Genesis Award introduced by ACMO in 2015 to recognize a newcomer to the condominium management industry who has demonstrated exceptional service and commitment to their craft.  Bill holds his R.C.M. designation and is a professional member in good standing with ACMO.  Bill was promoted to Regional Manager in 2019.