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The best indicator of our performance is the feedback of our customers, have a look at what they say,

Your property manager, Annette, gave me a copy of your excellent "White Paper" on Pinhole Leaks; Causes and Solutions. Copies have also been sent to our other directors for review/discussion at our next board meeting. My purpose in emailing you now is simply to thank you for a high quality presentation on the cause, effect and cure options for this - in our case - a growing problem. Your very comprehensive outline will make our deliberations much easier. Your efforts are appreciated and Crossbridge comes through again!!

President, MTCC 1265

You are most likely reading this because you are a on a board of directors of a condominium corporation, and you are doing your due diligence in selecting a property management firm. As board members we want to ensure that our owners have safe and comfortable homes, with low fees, while complying with the many and changing laws that apply to condominiums. Accomplishing this is non-trivial. My wife and I have lived in DCC 123 for eleven years. I have been on the board for eight years, and President for six. There have been three property management firms at our site while I have lived here, so I have the benefit of having worked with a few different firms. An older building such as ours requires properly planned and managed maintenance, not shortcuts. Crossbridge uses qualified professionals to properly engineer, specify, tender, and inspect major work. We are very satisfied with the results. In addition to providing excellent support for the physical assets, there are many other aspects to consider. Crossbridge has provided an excellent on-site manager, who is very well liked by our residents. Accounting is excellent, and we had an audit this year with no adjustments and no comments of concern. Another area where Crossbridge excels is legislative support. By this I mean that they are very good at advising the board when there are new condominium, labour, energy, health and safety, or other legislation or regulations that affect us. I know that having Crossbridge as our property manager has yielded consistent results, high owner satisfaction, and lower overall costs. I don’t have to spend my volunteer spare time micromanaging the property manager, and I don’t have to worry that it’s being done right. At every AGM I remind the owners that trying to cut corners on property management is a very bad idea, because competent property management significantly reduces costs in the long run. I tell owners that we are very satisfied with Crossbridge, and that we have no intention to change.

President, DCC 123

On behalf of the Owners, I would like to send this email to share our recent experience with your team who manage the Parkway Place Condo in Missisauga. I trust you maybe noticed that our unit was damaged by the above unit from an overflow of hot water on May 3, 2013. While both Owner and Tenant are suffering the loss; damages; and frustration because of this accident, I would love to comment your efficient team, especially our Property Manager and our Superintendent did help a lot to release our stress; and provide prompt respond to this case. When I received the call from the Tenant on Day 1; I arrived the unit within an hour and the Super was in the premises to direct the contractors to clean up the unit; problems were diagnosed and photos were taken by the Manager. I have been managed properties for my clients over 10 years and unbelievable — you have a super efficient team on-site. Special thanks to our Manager as she is very helpful; always pleasant, calm, professional. She provides prompt reply between us (Owner) and insurance adjusters; taking care of our tenant. A valuable asset to Crossbridge!

Thank you for your attention. Owner

I am the President of the Board for Y.R.C.C. 941 (29 Northern Heights, Richmond Hill) and I wanted to spend a few moments of your reading time to express, on behalf of the Shared Facility (including 19 and 9 Northern Heights) our greatest admiration and thanks to Ivy Lam, our site Administrator. Ivy has been with us now for a number of years and has done an exceptional job holding the administrative fort at Empire Place on Yonge. At the beginning of August, as you know, we switched our structure to a one manager site with two administrative assistants. The transition has been exceptionally smooth. The tasks at hand were to keep things organized, keep communication up with residents, contractors and board members and, oh yes, helping to bring Martha and Antoine up to speed while juggling the world of Northern Heights Drive. During this period we also had a fire inspector report to pass, as if Ivy did not have enough on her plate. I therefore wanted to formally thank Ivy for stepping up to the plate and hitting one out of the park for us, going above and beyond her scope of duties to keep things running and organized. She is an asset to our site and her dedication should be seen as nothing short of exemplary for Crossbridge and quite frankly the industry. On a closing note, our first impressions of this new management model are quite positive. We are happy to have Martha and Antoine as valuable additions to our team and we can already see how this type of structure has benefited our site.

YRCC 941

I wanted to write you to express our complete satisfaction with Cerasela and her team. My wife and I own in both phases of West Harbour City, with my daughter living in phase 1 and us in phase 2. Your property management team in WHC phase 1 is certainly setting the pace and clearly can't be compared with the second phase property management company / staff. Cerasela and her team all always very accommodating, friendly and very professional. It is quite amazing how your team can make the difference in not only the day to day cleaning / maintenance and building improvements, but to the unforeseen issues. Issues get resolved quickly and things get done right with little and/or no delay. Wow...What a difference. On numerous occasions, we have recommended WHC2 Board and Property Manager to visit phase 1 and to meet with your fantastic team, with the hopes that WHC Phase 2 can start to look and be maintained like Phase 1. At a time when most people will only express their dissatisfaction, please be aware that Crossbridge Condominium Services WHC1 Property Management Team is doing a GREAT job, Cerasela, keep up the great work...!

TSCC 2095


I am writing to recommend the services of Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd.

I have been a resident of 551 The West Mall for 15 years and am currently serving as the President of the Board of Directors of York Condominium Corporation #26. I have served in various capacities on the Board for over 10 years and accordingly, have had the opportunity to experience various forms of Property Management.

When I first joined the Board YCC 26 had a privately employed Property Manager and while this may appear to provide a more economical solution it can definitely have its shortcomings. A Corporation has to be very confident in a private Manager’s abilities but also has to deal with their absence for vacations or illness. Eventually. YCC 26 determined it would be better served by securing the services of a professional Management Company.

YCC 26 researched a variety of companies and decided to hire Crossbridge based on their record and a number of stellar references. As the largest Property management company in Canada, their experience and experience are their most valuable assets. We have utilized Crossbridge’s vast knowledge of the industry on many occasions and have enjoyed the buying power that comes with having many Crossbridge recommended major contractors to choose from. It is comforting to know that no matter what issue we face, we have Crossbridge’s extensive stable of buildings to utilize as a resource to see how it may have been handled in the past. Combine this with their legal and financial assistance programs and an individual corporation can make more educated decisions that will positively impact the future of their building.

While Crossbridge the company is the anchor, it still comes down to individual Property Managers and like any relationship this has to be developed and refined. We tried three different Property Managers before settling on our current PM, Bill Colucci, This is not to say that the three previous managers were not capable but every manager has their own style and that style has to mesh with a buildings’ Board of Directors unique requirements. This is where a company such as Crossbridge truly shines as they have a large stable of qualified personnel and are willing to work with a Board to ensure that they have a good fit.

YCC 26 is over 40 years old and therefore obviously has different demands than a newer building. Mr. Colucci brings a wealth of experience which, coupled with Crossbridge’s guidance, has managed to successfully guide our building through a tumultuous time. As an older building we recently had a number of issues to deal with. In the past five years, we have completed the following major projects: balcony slabs and railings, windows, balcony doors and garage and are currently working on major plumbing and elevator upgrade projects. Obviously, to undergo such large projects we have had to implement a long term Special Assessment, but we have also managed to sustain fair Condominium Fees while maintaining a balanced budget and a healthy Reserve Fund. This is again, in great part due to the support of Crossbridge.

Condo Boards are made up of volunteers who do not necessarily have the applicable experience to deal with all of the various projects they are forced to handle. It is Crossbridge’s experience that enables us to handle such projects with confidence. It is also comforting to know that when our PM is away for whatever reason we can be confident that we will be provided with a competent replacement for whatever length of time is required.

In closing, I would strongly recommend Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd. to any Board who is seeking excellent Property Management services. Please advise if you have any further questions.

YCC 26 Board of Directors


As a Board we collectively agree that both Teresa and Crossbridge are effective in their respective role as property manager and property management firm. We are very pleased to date with Teresa's performance. She is diligent and has a demonstrated pride in her performance as an employee. The residents of the building have taken well to her. We especially want to take note of Teresa's ability to handle difficult situations. She maintained her composure and attended to the matter in a professional and effective manner. Teresa's continued vigilance and efforts to work with the cleaners, has led to a noted improvement in the appearance of our building. The position of property manager is fairly demanding and requires a great deal of patience. Teresa's interpersonal skills and professional demeanour has allowed her to address her job responsibilities effectively while keeping a friendly and welcoming outlook. It is always a pleasure interacting with Teresa. We are equally pleased with Crossbridge as a firm. Their depth and established protocols have been beneficial to the operation of our corporation.

Kings Court Board


Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd. has been the management company of our building, Halton Condominium Corporation 396 for the past two years. The corporation is extremely pleased with the professional way the building is being managed. Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd. is a very well organized company from Head Office to the individual managers of each site and we feel very pleased to have the managed our building.

President, HCC 396


Over the past several years our condominium has been managed by Crossbridge. We have found the company flexible and responsive to our special concerns. Its size enables it to negotiate advantageous procurement discounts and make itself and the concerns of its condominiums heard in the political sphere.

It is, however, the individual manager that in the end counts. In our case, the Crossbridge staff has been proactive and taken an interest in the neighbourhood to promote the lifestyle of our residents. The sharing of experience and knowledge among the Crossbridge family has also been of benefit in achieving well-managed facility at minimum cost.

President, MTCC 1165


During my time on the Board of Directors, serving both as a Director and President, Crossbridge Management Services has provided guidance, direction and solid dependable expertise to our corporation, MTCC 1231. Crossbridge and specifically Leo Alvarez, our property manager, has clearly demonstrated, time and time again, that he can operate under pressure and deal promptly and efficiently with any emergency. Mr. Alvarez has gone above and beyond his scope of work by willingly contributing much time and effort to our corporation. Crossbridge continues to manage our corporation in an exceedingly professional manner and is, in my opinion, the essence of the definition of professionalism, reliability, honesty and integrity.

President, MTCC 1231


We are writing in regards to our satisfaction with the current Management Company in our facility. We have been a client of Crossbridge Condominium Services for 10 years and are pleased to say that through this time we have found Crossbridge to be a reliable, flexible and a knowledgeable company. They represent a strong and professional presence in which our Owners and Residents find to be reassuring and have great confidence in Andrew, Laura and Crystal. The Management is found to be responsive, reliable and adaptable to not only the needs of the Board of Directors but also the Residents/Owners. Our realistic needs are adhered to and taken care of in a professional and timely manner."

President, MTCC 1039


On behalf of the MTCC989 BOD and the unit owners I would like to thank you for a smooth, well prepared and organized AGM. This was the best AGM we have had in recent memory. These words and sentiments are shared and repeated by many unit owners since our AGM. Rudy, a very special thank goes to you for doing an outstanding job of chairing the meeting. Yasmeen, thank you for debriefing Rudy and stepping in with well prepared Q/A answers and points of information. Both of you impressed everyone in the room. Warm Regards,

President, MTCC 989


I am contacting to say “Thank You” on behalf of the Board of Directors and the Owners for attending our AGM in May. Your presence and advice at the meeting is appreciated. Also another “Thank You” for initiating a Hydro Agreement that would have saved our Corporation and others that are with Crossbridge a considerable amount of funds had the Provincial Government not capped the hydro rate…

President, Bronte Harbour Club


I have been following closely your correspondence and lobbying of the Provincial Government concerning submetering as it relates to condominiums. I can recall attending a CCI course with sub-metering as a topic and leaving the session suspicious that it was a bad option for my building. As described in your most recent letter of Aug 7 2007, my condominium falls in the category of those unable to achieve enough energy savings to recover the administration costs of a sub-meter program. Therefore I am truly grateful that ACMO/CCI and Crossbridge have maintained a strong position on this issue and provided our board with the ability to evaluate the cost benefit scenario and reach a decision free of legislated bias. As I'm sure you know, we are pursing an aggressive energy conservation program, which will produce significant savings.

President, Parkway Place


I just wanted to comment on how impressed I have been by the dedication and caring shown by our Property Manager for our well-being over the past many hours during the “Power Failure”.
I saw her making ‘rounds’ outside, with a borrowed flashlight at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday evening. She slept over in one of the guest suites. She handled the situation remarkably; having no toiletries or food here. She has been there to make announcements to reassure the residents and to offer guidance to the. She has been all over the building; in the Mechanical Room, in the garage, in the pool area and on the grounds, etc. She came to work Thursday and did not leave the building until well after 6:00 p.m. Friday.



I want to take this opportunity to praise your dedication and hard work in maintaining a first class property. I realize it is not an easy task for the committee and the property management to work together to maintain such a high quality of service and living condition, but you have done so flawlessly! In my opinion, the committee along with the property management team has created a very secure, comfortable and enjoyable place to live!



My congratulations and compliments to the Board directors and Crossbridge on the marked improvements I've seen in the short 4 months that Crossbridge took over property management. The improvements I've seen include: a newsletter of what's going on and what's happening in the building, Property Manager and her staff are always available, reported problems are acted on and taken care of, the corridor areas, stairwells, garage and locker room are cleaned and vacuumed regularly, the building looks and feels cleaner day in and day out, emergency contact numbers are posted in the elevators should the residents require help, light bulbs are replaced promptly and finally this year the budget was well presented and put together. All the expenditures items were comparable, that is, apple to apple, over the same accounting period, unlike last year. The budget breakdown items were the most numerous and complete I've seen. There was nothing in the budget that wasn't accounted for.



My family has greatly benefited from the services rendered by your staff at the site. In particlular, I would like to acknowledge the excellent property management services provided by the manager, the effiicent administration services provide by the Administrator and the unfailing superintenent services provided by the super. I have been to many condo facilities and witnessed poor or sub-standard services at these locations. Nothing can be compared with what I see and enjoy in our condo building. Please convey my heart-felt appreciation to these abvoe-mentioned employees for their wonderful services.