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Vendor FAQs

Why don't you have one contractor or supplier service all of your buildings to obtain better pricing for everyone?

Good governance by a board of directors should include, as one foundation, the regular pricing out of goods and services being delivered to the building. Every board has accepted this principle as one of its duties and responsibilities and our view is that the condominium market place would not accept that it has to use the suppliers that are chosen by a property management company. Crossbridge's portfolio is also too large to be serviced by most suppliers and we would be excluding many smaller and medium sized companies that are currently providing good service and competitive prices. We believe that an open market place provides competition that produces pricing acceptable to the board. We do have national contracts for the purchase of paper products and lighting supplies.

Do you have any pre-set conditions for trades servicing your managed sites?

Yes we do. First, any trade working in your building must produce evidence that their service personnel are covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). If any service person is not covered and is injured on the job in your building, you are significantly exposed to a legal action by that service person. WSIB protects employees and property owners from such actions. Secondly, all trades must produce evidence that they have adequate comprehensive general liability insurance to cover their activities in your building. If something goes wrong that results in personal injury to a 3rd party or property damage to a unit or common elements, we need to know that the supplier is able to provide the primary coverage for any 3rd party claim or claim from the condominium itself.

Where do you find your suppliers and contractors?

After servicing condominiums for 40 years and after creating a porfolio like Crossbridge's, our list of suppliers that service our condominiums is very extensive and our knowledge of the quality of service and prices from these companies is without parallel.

The quality of any company servicing your condominium is as important to us as it is to you. These companies are frequently seen as the public face of Crossbridge. The quality of their service is a reflection of our quality as your property manager. Our suppliers recognize that if they want to quote on servicing a Crossbridge managed building, they are going to have to deliver a Crossbridge standard of service.