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Partnering With Forward-Looking Boards and Engaged Residents

The Crossbridge Advantage

Our journey of the last 40 years has taken us from one condominium community on Toronto’s waterfront to over 350 communities from Oshawa to Oakville and from Toronto to Barrie and Muskoka. Along every step of that journey, we have learned and listened and developed and sharpened the skills it takes to provide the condominium management services that the best condominium communities in the world demand. Here’s the advantage you can expect from Crossbridge.

A Dedication to Enhancing Your Community

  • We are committed to making the condominium living experience the best it can be.
  • We will work with the board and others to identify and understand the unique requirements of your community.
  • Your input and our experience will allow us to develop effective plans to tackle the appropriate priorities.
  • Our fees will be fair and affordable and will directly reflect the service level you establish and the current market demand for property managers.
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The People, Systems, Tools and Experience to Make it Happen

  • Over 150 RCMs and another 100 employees taking the courses or completing the work experience term required for the designation.
  • Over 200 experienced property managers and over 160 dedicated accounting and administrative staff.
  • Over 2,700 person years of property management experience.
  • More than 450 forms, templates, letters, contracts and specifications, and manuals in our Employee Portal (E-Portal).
  • Yardi Voyager – the best set of management and accounting tools used in the global real estate industry.
  • Condo Café – giving condo sellers and buyers electronic status certificates quickly and conveniently.

The Award-Winning Results You Expect to See

The Award-Winning Results You Expect to See

The Award-Winning Results You Expect to See

The Industry's Best and Most Reputable Management

Property management firms play a multi-faceted role. Property managers are generalists who must advise the Board and act upon its direction. Managers must demonstrate people skills, supervise contractors and staff, understand building systems, manage finances and budget, enforce legislation, find efficiencies, enable governance, apply technology, communicate effectively, mediate disputes, practice diplomacy, inspect buildings, network and share best practices. To deliver all those skills promptly and proactively requires an experienced manager and an experienced company behind them. Crossbridge has the knowledge and the depth of resources to deliver the management your condominium community requires.

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Industry Leadership:

For over 40 years Crossbridge team members have led the condominium management industry and helped to shape public policy. Our leadership roles have included:

  • President, Vice-Presidents and Directors of ACMO
  • ACMO course instructors at Humber and Mohawk Colleges and internally at Crossbridge – we have taught more than 40 terms of all the ACMO courses
  • Directors of the Canadian Condominium Institute (National)
  • Instructors for the Canadian Condominium Institute’s Director’s Courses - more than 25 times
  • Chair of the Legislative Review Committee for Condominium Act updates
  • Chairs and members of ACMO committees
  • Coordinated an MPAC appeal resulting in lower amenity assessments
  • Early recipient of the ACMO 2000 quality designation
  • Membership on the Canada Green Building Council
  • Led ACMO/CCI initiatives on Green Energy Act
  • Published numerous articles in CM and CondoVoice magazines
  • Contributions to CMHC’s Better Building Case Studies
  • Our CEO, John Oakes, is currently serving on the Condominium Manager Qualifications Panel for the Ministry of Consumer Services

The Most Experienced and Best Trained People:

The industry’s largest pool of well-trained and experienced property managers, administrators and accountants offering over 2,700 person-years of property management experience.

Small Team Management:

Some prospective clients worry that we are too big to care.  We work hard to stay nimble and responsive.  Every building is supported by a small, integrated team consisting of the onsite manager, an administrator and accountant, an accounts receivables clerk, an accounts payable clerk and a very experienced regional manager. Our three regional vice presidents are available when needed to provide added insight. You will have a small team dedicated to you needs.

Effective Use of the Best Technologies:

Applying technologies like our E-Portal, Brookipedia, Yardi Voyager and Condo Café help to maximize efficiency.

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Taking Care of the Environment:

We employ the industry’s only embedded Energy & Sustainability Manager from the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to maximize energy savings and demonstrate environmental leadership. Building on past successes Crossbridge started a concentrated energy efficient initiative on behalf of our clients. We are proud to say that in addition to be awarded the industry's only OPA sanctioned Embedded Energy Manager, Crossbridge has been successful in assisting clients to save approximately $1 million of new savings each year. We are proud to date that between mid 2010 and the end of 2013 we have facilitated utility savings to our clients totaling a cumulative annual reduction of nearly $3.5 million. Lobbying Government ministries to address condominium inequities in utlity billings, searching out new products, developing new municipal codes and establishing industry best protocols for our clients are but few of the initiatives undertaken in this exciting portfolio.

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Superior Financial Administration

Boards of Directors expect timely financial statements, detailed and responsible operating budgets and well-funded reserves. In short, they want healthy finances and no surprises. We deliver.

  • Timely, detailed and accurate monthly financial statements
  • Detailed draft annual budget by month 10
  • Industry-leading financial management
  • Seamless transition plans
Pie Chart 95 percent of directors say Crossbridge provides timely accurate financial reporting

Clean, Well Maintained, Secure and Competitive Properties

Condominium residents want to live in clean, safe and secure buildings in which attention has been paid to regular maintenance and the major capital repairs and renovations that are needed to keep a building competitive in the condominium market. The skyline of the GTA is crowded with construction cranes building condominium towers with the latest amenities and design features. Established buildings need to plan and execute the repairs and renovations that will keep their buildings attractive and competitive. All condominiums, young or old, should sparkle. A condominium is a community of homes. It should reflect the pride that is inherent in home ownership and living in a great community. Crossbridge will help.

Pie Chart 82 Percent of contractors said Crossbridge was effective at identifying property's needs

Good Governance

Our experience in hundreds of other condominium communities over the last four decades, has taught us that Boards want to govern well and they want the best training and tools to do the job. Accordingly, Crossbridge provides:

  • Directors binders
  • Committee guidelines and white paper advice
  • Core policies and procedures manual
  • Seminars and information meetings
  • Quarterly board newsletter
  • Special rates for the ACMO/CCI-T Annual Condominium Conference
  • Annual common charge survey and annual wage survey
  • Detailed monthly property manager’s report and industry-leading financial statements
  • Directors’ satisfaction survey

Engaged and Informed Residents

Condominium communities work best when residents are informed, involved and engaged. Crossbridge will support your community.

  • Committee guidelines and implementation advice
  • Open, responsive, respectful and friendly management advice
  • Opportunities for community involvement
Pie Chart 87 percent of directors said management office staff were very approachable