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Property management is a Iot like an iceberg.  The tip of an iceberg, like the property manager, is easy to see and identify with.  And just like that iceberg, what you see is only a hint of what lies beneath the surface – there are many people and processes working behind the scenes to support...Read more

The natural gas utilities will be directed by the Ontario Energy Board to remove the Carbon Tax from all gas bills starting October 1st.  This will result in an approximately 12% reduction in a condominium corporation’s natural gas bill.  We are also pleased to advise that Crossbridge...Read more

Further demonstrating our commitment to be on the forefront of utility savings in the industry, we are happy to update our April 18th blog entry.

We can now inform you...Read more

In June Crossbridge produced a concise 10-point fact sheet which summarizes the health and economic basis for making your condominium community smoke-free. The fact-sheet is available in our E-Portal for download. Ask your manager to send you a copy. Read our March 6 blog post for more...Read more

Today, we announce the release of our new EV charging guide for the exclusive use of our managers and clients.  The original guide, which was published four years ago, was the first of its kind.  The new guide demonstrates our experience and supports our managers through the new regulations and...Read more

Consistent with a promise to scrap the cap-and-trade program and carbon taxes, the incoming Ontario government has cancelled the GreenON program.  Click here for some news coverage....Read more

“Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get”
                                                     Warren Buffett

In this time of great change for the condo industry, it is even more important for boards to consider the value they are receiving from their property...Read more

The Ontario government announced new regulations on March 26, 2018 that support the installation of electric vehicle charging systems (EVCS) in condominiums.   These regulations become effective May 1, 2018.


As contemplated in our...Read more

Further to our Blog entry of March 6thGetting Ready for Marijuana…” there’s some interesting news.

Today’s Toronto Star features an article on Apotex, and its late founder’s, current efforts to develop a “potentially revolutionary” marijuana pill.  Despite Barry...Read more

The first few deliveries of the Tesla Model 3, Tesla’s more affordable electric car, have refreshed the topic of Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers in condominiums.  Crossbridge has long encouraged  the installation of EV chargers.  Our EV protocol, released more than four years ago, provided a...Read more