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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) For Condominiums

We’ve been working with contractors that offer Combined Heat & Power (or CHP) for about two years now– gaining experience on the various CHP offers, technologies, and approaches being offered. 

All of this...Read more

January 25, 2016

EV Government Grants – January 2016

In mid January 2016 the provincial government announced a $20 million investment in developing a private network of publically accessible Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.  The program involves giving grants equal to up to 100...Read more

Many condominium corporations have restrictions or a prohibition on pets.  Boards and managers feel an obligation to enforce the provisions in their legal documents but are uncertain about the steps they can take when disabilities and human rights are raised. A recent court case clarifies the...Read more

Two Ontario cases support condominium communities in their effort to enforce single family use provisions.   Ballingall v CCC 111 demonstrates the extraordinary length to which a rogue director, acting in bad faith, will go to protect his interest in four rented units. NCC 4 v. Kilfoyl (2011),...Read more

With the recent PanAm Games experience and the growth in services such as Airbnb, many condominiums, particularly in downtown Toronto, have had to deal with the disruptive consequences of short-term rentals of suites.

The law firm of Lash Condo Law...Read more

On May 27, David Orazietti, the Minister of Government and Consumer Services, officially introduced Bill 106, Protecting Condominium Owners Act.

Many of the law firms with substantial condominium law practices have examined the proposed Act and have offered their insights.  We are...Read more

We are pleased to announce that Brookfield Condominium Services’ has developed the industry’s most comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) for our condominium communities. 

Our Plan addresses ten (10) types of emergencies which are most likely to impact a condominium community. ...Read more

Brookfield’s experienced team has produced four industry-leading white papers on issues of broad interest to condominium communities in Ontario. Each of the papers is designed to serve as a blueprint for corporations that find themselves having to deal with one or more of the issues.

The...Read more

Effective July 27th, our company offices will be relocated to Toronto - about 3.5 kilometers south of our current location in Markham.

The move, to a significantly larger space, accommodates our expansion of recent years and provides room to grow for the foreseeable future. ...Read more

One of the more challenging and time consuming issues in condominiums is smoke migration. Finding the source of the smoke is one issue.  The bigger challenge is finding how the smoke is making its way into a neighbouring unit.  In any given condominium suite there will be numerous floor or wall...Read more