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White Papers

White Papers

Brookfield’s experienced team has produced four industry-leading white papers on issues of broad interest to condominium communities in Ontario. Each of the papers is designed to serve as a blueprint for corporations that find themselves having to deal with one or more of the issues.

The white papers cover:

  1. Electric Vehicles: EV Charging Information Package
  2. Pinhole Leaks: Causes & Solutions
  3. Hoarding: Facilitating a Clean-up
  4. Committees: A Governance Asset?

These valuable resources are available exclusively to the clients of Brookfield Condominium Services.

The most recent white paper examines the use of committees in the governance of condominium corporations.  In our paper, we suggest that committees can be formed and that they can add meaningful value to their condominium communities where the right conditions exist. Committees can be a valuable source of expertise and knowledge that can greatly assist the board of directors in managing the affairs of the condominium corporation.  Committees can also engage residents in a way that improves openness and transparency and builds trust. Demand for such transparency in governance at all levels has never been stronger.

The committee white paper, like the others, considers a broad range of issues and provides step-by-step instructions, including flowcharts, to guide boards and property managers through the information-gathering and decision-making process.

Our white papers are yet another example of the unequalled residential property management experience Brookfield Condominium Services offers.