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The short answer is “No”.

There several regulatory changes that did come into effect on November 1st though – the net impact is an increase of about 1.8% per year to condominium electricity expenses.  This is consistent with the government’s announcements to have...Read more

On July 1, 2018, the first phase of regulations to the Construction Lien Act, now the Construction Act, came into effect.  The amendments modernize the Act and deal with payment issues. New holdback rules were implemented which include increases in the holdback period...Read more

The merit of installing cameras on the common elements for the safety of the residents and the property seems obvious.  However, condominium corporations must be attentive to privacy as well as safety. 

The law firm of Fine & Deo, with specialization in condominium law, has produced...Read more

The Ontario Secondary Teachers’ Federation has produced an exceptionally good summary of the Ontario Fire Code. Although tailored to school settings, the summary is quite handy and broadly applicable to condominium settings. 

We encourage you to download and print the...Read more

As highlighted by our March 29, 2019 blog posting, the federal carbon charge went into effect April 1, 2019.  The 3.9 cents per cubic meter charge will increase...Read more

Crossbridge is proud their energy manager was a key contributor to a new report that identifies best practices and potential ways to work-around barriers to electric vehicle (EV) charging in multi-unit residential buildings.  A summary of that report can be found here –...Read more

Insurance brokers have advised us to expect significant insurance premium increases in 2019 and 2020.

World-wide weather volatility, aging class of business, depressed rate levels, low return on investment, claims frequency and severity (water damage claims, slip & fall liability...Read more

Crossbridge’s custom budgeting tools typically reflect only the latest rates approved by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) and/or regulation that has passed.  This solid foundation is key to having a transparent, defendable budget basis, which is critical to every board of directors....Read more

Since 2011, the Bell Let’s Talk campaign has supported more than six million people in accessing mental-health care and generated more than $93 million for mental-health initiatives.

In 2016, Crossbridge produced a white paper entitled “Responding to Mental Illness in Condominium...Read more

A recent law blog stated that the repeal of the Green Energy Act meant that condominiums would no longer need to report their energy and water usage.  This is incorrect.

Essentially, the requirement to report energy and water usage was moved from the Green Energy Act to the...Read more