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The Ontario government recently announced they would provide 21 days of electricity-rate relief starting tomorrow, January 18th, 2022.

Crossbridge’s energy manager explains how this rate relief applies across the different price plans available to...Read more

Ontario’s regulated electricity rates are typically reviewed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) twice per year – May 1st and November 1st.

Although the OEB announced there would be no change to the posted residential electricity prices effective November 1...Read more

The Ontario Energy Board has approved natural gas price increases effective October 1st.

Average bill increases are the range of 8%, and are caused by:

  1. A dramatic 25% increase in the price of the natural gas commodity
  2. ...Read more

The Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) is making $2-billion available for retrofits in commercial buildings to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and stimulate the green-tech economy.

Condominiums are eligible for this federal funding, but they must overcome a few hurdles to gain access...Read more

All residential and commercial condominiums over 100,000 square feet (roughly greater than 100 units) are required to comply with Ontario Regulation 506/18.  O. Reg 506/18 is typically referred to as Energy Water Reporting and...Read more

To All Crossbridge Condominium Services  Employees:

I am pleased to announce  effective May 25, 2021 ,the appointment of Mr. Anthony Facchini as Senior VP of Operations. The new role of Senior VP of Operations is a reflection of our  significant growth,  continuous  ...Read more

All of us at Crossbridge are very pleased to share the news that two members of our senior management team have been elected to lead the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) and the Canadian Condominium Institute – Toronto Chapter (CCI-T).

Regional Manager Katherine Gow...Read more

We are happy to report that the grandfathering eligibility for the Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) has been extended again from April 30, 2021 to October 31, 2022.

There have been many people in the industry working hard on this since December 2019, and this is a huge win for about 30%...Read more

On January 29, 2021 Section 6.1 of the Occupier's Liability Act became law. It’s a significant and positive change.  A claimant who is claiming damages resulting from a personal injury caused by snow or ice will, generally, have to provide written notice of the claim within 60 days of the...Read more

Many newer condominiums have experienced sprinkler head failures resulting in spontaneous opening of the sprinkler head without heat being present.  A successful class action lawsuit has been approved in the United States (a copy of a legal announcement below).  These sprinkler heads  were...Read more