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Demonstrating Leadership by Informing

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The charging of an electric vehicle or "EV" in condominiums is a complex issue. Our white paper provides leadership on the opportunity of EVs in condominiums by providing a path for our client boards to navigate through the obstacles.

Sales of Plug-In Electric Vehicles (or EVs) grew 50%...Read more

The effort to update our 12 year-old Condominium Act is foremost in many of our minds whether we are property managers or directors. 

One of the major themes throughout the public review of the existing Act has been the perceived power imbalance between the board and residents. Mediation...Read more

Being a director on a condominium board is a tremendous responsibility. Boards of directors are expected to oversee the governance of a condominium community. Two major components of that governance function involve balancing the, often competing, interests of the many residents of the community...Read more