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Being a director of a condominium corporation is not a trivial responsibility.  The following articles touch on this important issue.

  • Condominium director and author, Marilyn Lincoln writes a regular column for
  • ...Read more

We have assembled a comprehensive set of links to several websites and blogs that are of relevance to condominium communities.  We’ve covered everything from condo law blogs, to government websites and courses for directors.  We hope you will find the links useful.

Condominium...Read more

As many of you know, condo lawyer Gerry Hyman has written a regular column in the Saturday Star for many years. On Saturday, July 19 his Condo Law column included questions and answers on the following issues:

  • Requisitioned meetings
  • Storing bicycles in
  • ...Read more

Boards of Directors:

We are pleased to inform you that Brookfield has been re-certified under the ACMO 2000 quality assurance standard.  We are 100% compliant with the ACMO 2000 requirements, meeting or exceeding every one of the standards. You can learn more about ACMO 2000 at...Read more

Ontario Energy Board Proposal for Fixed Monthly Electricity Bills is Unfair to Condominiums Brookfield has worked to reduce the amount of electricity used in the common areas of our client buildings by nearly $3.5 Million since mid-2010. We also work to reduce our clients’ utility costs within...Read more

Toronto Condominiums Amalgamate

On June 26, 2014, with the registration of a new declaration, MTCC 1101 and 1120 ceased to exist and were reborn as TSCC 2388 -- the first amalgamated condominium corporation in the City of Toronto and one of perhaps only two in the GTA....Read more

The Ontario Condo Law Blog of July 10, 2014 cites the case of Hogan v. MTCC 595 in which the Board denied a requisition for a meeting from owners on a technicality. The court’s decision made it very clear that the Condominium Act must be regarded as consumer protection legislation, and as such...Read more

The other day a commercial ran on television for a Canadian organization called People for Good ( more

Brookfield was asked to present their work on enabling EVs (Electric Vehicles) in condominiums at the Green Living Show on April 25th, 2014.  The seminar was organized by CCI-Toronto (Canadian Condominium Institute) and Plug’n Drive with contributions made by the World Wildlife Fund...Read more

Dear Visitors,

We are proud to announce that as of April 1, 2014 we will change our company name from Brookfield Residential Services Ltd. to Brookfield Condominium Services Ltd.

This name change is required to clearly identify our business among the many “Brookfield” companies....Read more