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2014 ACMO 2000 Audit

2014 ACMO 2000 Audit

Boards of Directors:

We are pleased to inform you that Brookfield has been re-certified under the ACMO 2000 quality assurance standard.  We are 100% compliant with the ACMO 2000 requirements, meeting or exceeding every one of the standards. You can learn more about ACMO 2000 at

The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) contracts the quality assurance audits to BSI Group Canada, a subsidiary of the multinational British Standards Institute (BSI) that for more than a century has been helping to embed excellence into the way people and products work.  The BSI auditor spent two full days with us.  During that time he:

  • Interviewed executive management regarding our ACMO 2000 policy and strategic objectives;
  • Audited policies, procedures and records maintained by Brookfield including:
    • Management Responsibility;
    • Board Relations;
    • Purchasing & Supplier Relationships;
    • Accounting , Administration & Insurance;
    • Human Resources;
    • Measurement & Improvement;
  • Reviewed monthly financial statements for five randomly selected properties;
  • Performed a site visit of a condominium corporation.  The audit of the site included:
    • A detailed building inspection;
    • Interviews of site staff;
    • A review of records maintained at the site office; and,
  • Conducted a de-briefing meeting with senior management.

The auditor congratulated us on meeting or exceeding all of the ACMO 2000 standards.  He highlighted several exceptional implementation approaches that Brookfield including some that no other management company is doing.   He noted the following:

  1. At the audited condominium site:
    1. the presence of a “spill kit” in a mechanical room where a fluid escape was possible (unique to that site and Brookfield);
    2. the quality and implementation of our Occupational Health & Safety policy;
    3. the presence of an automated electronic defibrillator (AED) and properly trained staff;
    4. an updated fire plan and attention to all aspects of emergency preparedness including an update in progress ; and,
    5. Brookfield’s focus on training and the corporation’s exceptional commitment to training building and contracted staff in first aid, WHMIS, safety awareness, and workplace violence & harassment  (NOTE: the board at this corporation makes a solid financial commitment to staff training.).
  1. At Brookfield Head Office,
    1. HR background checks – he was impressed with Brookfield’s policy and the fact that we contract the criminal offence and bankruptcy checks to a recognized 3rd party (unique to Brookfield);
    2. Very detailed policy and procedures manuals – one for Brookfield employees, a separate one for condo corporations;
    3. Proof that purchased goods and services are being evaluated and that the corporations are getting the goods and services they contracted for. For example, bi-weekly construction meetings are routine for major reserve fund projects. Minutes are kept that show that deficiencies are identified and corrected.  Contractors and suppliers are being held accountable. 
    4. Ethics policy – he noted Brookfield’s comprehensive corporate policy – learn more at; and,
    5. White papers – the auditor appreciated the analysis, the detail and the step-by-step guidance to boards on current issues like electric vehicle charging (unique to Brookfield).

We are proud of our ACMO 2000 re-certification.  Our employees work hard to maintain our company’s high standing.  Brookfield’s commitment to principles of quality, leadership and service orientation have served us well. 

In keeping with our commitment to continuous improvement, in the coming days, we will conduct a post-mortem with a view to fully understanding the auditor’s investigation and insights.  We will take additional steps to ensure that the ACMO 2000 standards stay part of our daily behaviour and that excellence remains embedded in our company culture.

We thank our boards for their support and for partnering with us to deliver the best condominium management.


Yours truly,

Sandro Zuliani