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Links to Condominium Resources

Links to Condominium Resources

We have assembled a comprehensive set of links to several websites and blogs that are of relevance to condominium communities.  We’ve covered everything from condo law blogs, to government websites and courses for directors.  We hope you will find the links useful.

Condominium Links

  1. General Information
    1. Ministry of Government & Consumer Services – Ontario’s Condo Guide:  Plain & Simple
    2. The Condominium Act, 1998
    3. CMHC – Condominium Buyer’s Guide
    4. Audrey M. Loeb  -  Condominium Ownership: What You Need to Know
    5. Ontario Condominium Act Review (2013/14) – Ministry of Consumer Services & Canada’s Public Policy Forum


  1. Roles of Directors & Boards
    1. Clifton Kok LLP, Obligations and Responsibilities of a Condominium Corporation and its Board of Directors
    2. GMA’s - Directors’ Powers, Duties and Standard of Care
    3. Law Times – Condo Directors to Pay $100,000 for Bad Faith
    4. The Lawyers Weekly - Proving good faith of condo boards. Directors may be personally liable for a breach of statutory duty
    5. CCI Windsor – 10 Steps to Becoming a Great Director
    6.  Pallet Valo LLP – Dysfunctional Condo Boards
    7. Nelligan|O’Brien|Payne – Condo Law Newsletter – Decisions upheld provided Board acts reasonably!
    8. Fine & Deo LLP – The Condominium President’s Role
    9. Fine & Deo LLP – Intense Directors: Can You Spot Them?


  1. Websites and Blogs
    1. Condo Law Firms – Blogs
      1. Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP – The Ontario Condo Law Blog
      2. Miller Thomson – MTCondoLaw
      3. Elia Associates - CondoCentric
      4. Fine & Deo - Condo Law Blog
      5. Nelligan O'Brien Payne LLP - Condo Law News blog
      6. Aird Berlis LLP - CondoReporter


  1. Unofficial Owners Advocate Website
    1. Ontario Condominium Owners Association
    2. Condo Information Centre
    3. Condo Owners Association


  1. Publications
    1. ACMO’s Condominium Manager (CM) 
    2. CCI’s CCI Review,
    3. CCI-T’s CondoVoice (CV)
    4. Media Edge’s CondoBusiness.


  1. Condominium Industry Associations
    1. Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) – represents property managers
    2. Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) – represents condominium corporations
    3. Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI) Toronto Chapter
    4. Canadian Condominium Institute’s (CCI) Directors courses. The Toronto Chapter (CCI-T) offers 4 basic courses ranging from three hours in length to two full Saturdays. The Directors 101 course is offered online.


  1. Other
    1. Chartered Professional Accounts Ontario – Accounting, Auditing and Tax Guidelines for Ontario Condominium Corporations
    2. The Condominium Act: A User’s Manual, 4th Edition – Audrey Loeb, LSM, B.A., LL.B.,LL.M
    3. Pallet Valo LLP – A Condominium Corporation’s Duty to Accommodate
    4. Hodis Law – The Value of Communication