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Electric Vehicle Article - Update

Electric Vehicle Article - Update

The charging of an electric vehicle or "EV" in condominiums is a complex issue. Our white paper provides leadership on the opportunity of EVs in condominiums by providing a path for our client boards to navigate through the obstacles.

Sales of Plug-In Electric Vehicles (or EVs) grew 50% in 2013 over last year in Canada1.  The story for EVs is even better in the United States as their sales in 2013 were nearly double the previous year2.

While those sales represent less than a 1% market share of all the vehicles sold in Canada and the US, mainstream auto makers are adding new plug-in models at a quick pace, which are forecasted to lower the initial entry cost of EVs.  Additionally, “range anxiety”, the fear of exhausting electrical power in the vehicle before arriving at your destination is being eased by smart phone applications that can guide the EV driver to the nearest unused charging station.

Not surprisingly then, the Brookfield’s EV white paper, released in October 2013, has been consulted by many Managers and Boards.  The document provides all of the details a Board needs to consider an EV charging station at their condominium.  Given the complexity of the issues, it is not surprising that there is not a “one size fits all” solution.  To that end, this procedure provides our Clients with informed options to confidently make decisions that fit their particular circumstances.

Feedback from industry stakeholder Plug’n Drive, a non-profit organization committed to accelerating the adoption of electric cars, has indicated this whitepaper as is the most complete, forward-looking document in the area of EVs in condominiums.  Recently, Plug’n Drive , in partnership with WWF-Canada and the Canadian Condominium Institute - Toronto Chapter was awarded a $25,000 grant that will further identify and address the technical, legislative and logistical issues that prevent the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in condominiums3.  In recognition of Brookfield’s leadership in this area, we have been asked to assist in developing a seminar that will equip condo boards with information to prepare for the arrival of electric vehicles in their building and to install, or allow their residents to install, EV charging stations.