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Toronto Hydro launches SuiteSaver in-suite lighting program

Toronto Hydro launches SuiteSaver in-suite lighting program

Further demonstrating our commitment to be on the forefront of utility savings in the industry, we are happy to update our April 18th blog entry.

We can now inform you that Toronto Hydro has formally launched SuiteSaver, a program to replace in-suite lamps with LEDs at no cost.  No other utility is offering this program at this time.

We are currently working behind the scenes with Toronto Hydro’s delivery partners to get these lamps installed as quickly as possible for our clients.  We foresee this program taking at least a year to roll-out completely as there are many residential suites in Toronto Hydro’s service area.  As we understand it, rental apartment buildings are the first priority as it is believed they have the most inefficient in-suite lighting.

As always, Crossbridge will continue to follow this program and update our clients and managers as more information becomes available.