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In-Suite Lighting Program Will See the Light of Day Soon

In-Suite Lighting Program Will See the Light of Day Soon

“Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get”
                                                     Warren Buffett

In this time of great change for the condo industry, it is even more important for boards to consider the value they are receiving from their property management company.  Last year, Crossbridge is proud to have facilitated new annual utility savings to our clients totaling nearly $1.7 million. “This is incredible value because utilities are the largest controllable costs for a condominium board” says Murray Johnson, Vice-President, Client Service Development.

2018 will continue our dedication to the area of energy efficiency to deliver value to our clients.  Months ago, our energy manager contributed his feedback on a new program coming out later in 2018 relating to the replacement of in-suite lighting to LED.  This program will not be offered across all utilities in Ontario.  It is anticipated that the LEDs will be offered at little to no cost to the suite occupants, which will translate into “free savings” for condominium corporations that are bulk metered.  It is only with our deep understanding of the electrical market that we can say this generates savings in two ways.  Firstly, there is the obvious reduction on the consumption of electricity in the building.  Secondly, and more subtlety, there will likely be a reduction in the electrical “peak” of the building, which reduces the costs reflected in the Transportation/Distribution part of the electrical bill.

This will be a challenging program for the utilities and property management to manage”, reports Rob Detta Colli, Manger of Energy and Sustainability at Crossbridge.  “LEDs are available in a range of colour hues and brightness levels – and when it comes to in-suite lighting, the choices tend to be very personal”, continues Rob.

Tune-in here for official word of the program launch, and program details.