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Fire Safety and Praise from Local Inspectors

Fire Safety and Praise from Local Inspectors

Murray Johnson, our Vice President of Client Operations, has been responsible for dealing with occupational health and safety and fire code compliance on behalf of our Boards. Notice of Violations ( NOVs) are declining and as a result we’re seeing  positive feedback from fire officials in all local jurisdictions. A recent email from a Toronto Fire Services inspector is truly remarkable in its praise for the efforts and accomplishments of one of our managers, Chris (Kreshnik) Gjonej.  Chris manages the large condo community at Eau du Soleil in Etobicoke.

The fire inspector made the following comments.

“Hi Chris,

I wanted to take an opportunity to confirm that Notice of Violations pertaining to my 2022 annual inspection of 20 and 30 Shore Breeze are clear. I still have administrative work on my end to complete, but when it comes to the routine inspection, I was very impressed.

I’m impressed with the limited number of deficiencies and the low severity of them considering the size of your building.

I’m impressed with how quickly you addressed them even if our timing to re-inspection was a bit delayed due to each of us having time off and full schedules.

Any building I inspect where the property manager is quite involved often tells me the building is in good shape and that you care about the building and occupants it resides.  Additionally, your desire to come into compliance and efforts to having items corrected immediately haven’t gone unnoticed! You’re my largest residential building in my ward and I greatly enjoy working with you and your team.

Overall fantastic job. Keep of the great work. I want to recognize you for your work ethic, management skills and cooperation. You have taken the time to really understand your building and occupants. Your knowledge of the fire alarm system really makes you stand out as a property manager amongst others, and it has greatly served the building well to have a property manager who truly understands the systems the building has and how it effects the building.

I’m a big believer in recognizing good work when I see it. So please share this with your own management. You have a great team. Thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Subsequently, the fire inspector wrote us again to recognize the fire safety commitment of Silvana Koka, Geltion Zeqiri,  Reina Fernandes and Darinka (Ivanka) Zuvic. They join Chris and Wendy Parsons whose fire safety efforts are being recognized by fire officials.  Congratulations to Chris, Wendy, Silvana, Geltion, Reina, and Ivanka.