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Budget Impact of Rising Natural Gas Expenses

Budget Impact of Rising Natural Gas Expenses

The Ontario Energy Board approved dramatically higher rates for Enbridge Gas that were effective July 1st.

Compared to this time last year:

  1. Commodity costs have more than doubled – from 11¢ to 27¢ per cubic meter.
  2. Delivery charges have increased 30%.
  3. Carbon Taxes have increased by 25%.

The above increases are further compounded when you consider the impact of the HST.

Customers that are on fixed-rate or price-pool agreements are impacted much less by the above increases.

Crossbridge is supporting their clients by:

  1. Increasing the Safety Margin from the traditionally conservative 5% to 9% to account for potential further increases in November.
  2. Having our energy manager provide a one-pager to our property managers containing:
    1. What systems can be targeted to reduce natural gas in your building.
    2. Data from our benchmarking exercise to provide a quick and no cost indicator on how efficient your building is.
    3. A summary of things that can be done to lower natural gas consumption.