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Smoking Can Be Banned in Residential Suites

Smoking Can Be Banned in Residential Suites

The Law firm of Lash Condo Law has developed an excellent resource for condominiums dealing with smoke issues.  A Directors Guide to Smoking in Condominiums provides guidance for dealing with smoking in condos.

The same issue is also addressed in several condo law blog entries.  Gowling’s Condo Advisor covers it in “Condominiums Can Prevent Smoking in Units.”  Nelligan|O’brien|Payne  discusses it  in Smoke-free movement makes inroads in condos.

The Region of Peel suggests that “No smoking policies can extend to private residential units or to the entire property (including outdoor areas such as parking lots or lawns.” Its flyer entitled “Smoke-Free Living: A Resource for Residents of apartments, condos, town-homes and other multi-unit dwellings (MUDs).”

Finally, the Globe & Mail wrote about the trend toward banning smoking in units in multi-residential settings in “The final frontier: smoking bans in apartments, condos”, and the Toronto Star wrote about “Toronto’s first non-smoking apartment building.