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Ontario Government Tweaks Electricity Prices for Class A Customers

Ontario Government Tweaks Electricity Prices for Class A Customers

The Ontario electricity market is complicated.  We have worked hard to understand that complexity because it is a value to our clients - electricity is generally the largest controllable expense in a condominium.

One of the rate structures available to a few very large condos is called “Class A”.  Although we only have a few condominiums that are large enough to be eligible for Class A, the government made a significant change on June 26 to this rate class.  Our Energy Manager, Rob Detta Colli, was quoted in an article that discussed the changes here - REMI Network Article

The following is an excellent summary provided by Energy@Work: (for more detail click here)

If you signed up to Class A before 2020:

  1. Change: The building’s peak demand factor in 2020 will be frozen;
  2. What does that mean?  Any actions the building takes to reduce their peak this year will have NO IMPACT on their Peak Demand Factor for 2021;
  3. Impact?If their existing pdf was low in 2020 – great.  If it was high and they had hoped to lower it – ‘too bad for you’” (a perfect description from Energy@Work!)


If you are NEW to Class A in 2020:

  1. Change:  No change, the building will operate under the old rules;
  2. What does that mean?  The building’s peak this year will determine their Peak Demand Factor (PDF) for next year;
  3. Impact? Nothing that we see other than it might cause these sites to say “No thanks” when they get a chance to decide to keep going Class A next year based on this the PDF they achieve this year.