If you are looking for a property management company that will give you unequalled experience and the quality and depth of resources to tackle any condominium challenge with confidence and ease while, at the same time, providing you with the attention, loyalty and partnership you might expect from a small family-run enterprise, then Crossbridge is the property management company for you. Read about the unparalleled value our remarkable experience offers you.

Learn about the commitment to customer partnership that has produced countless long term relationships between Crossbridge and our condominium corporations. Hear from who matters most, our customers.



Crossbridge Condominium Services manages properties in several cities across Ontario.

40 Years
446 Properties
25 Cities

The following are our recently acquired clients:

TSCC 2577 - One Bloor
1 Bloor Street East
Toronto, Ontario M4W 0A8
MTCC 1166 - The Highlands
228 Bonis Avenue
Scarborough, Ontario M1T 3W4
TSCC 2181 - Neptune | Neptune II
209 & 215 Fort York Blvd
Toronto, Ontario M5V 4A2
YRCC 675 - Bayview Place
8501 Bayview Avenue
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3J7

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Opportunities at Crossbridge

Crossbridge Condominium Services is constantly looking for talented individuals to join a winning culture, driven by the value that comes from our experience and size.




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